quality matters, so we clean the things that matters most!

Garner NC Residential/Commercial Cleaning Services Owners

our story

We are a veteran-owned and operated, professional cleaning service dedicated to providing quality cleaning services based on Reliability, Empathy, Assurance, and Responsiveness. Our commitment to our clients is sincere and personal. We pride ourselves in being able to best understand, satisfy, and deliver “WOW’ services.

It all started with our passion to continue providing quality services, after retiring from the Armed Forces, coupled with our desire to continue making a difference in the lives of others through the “WOW'“ effect. We embrace the servant type leadership and truly believe in helping others. So, in April 2017, we created our company because we believe through cleaning, we have the power to change lives.

Our Mission

To provide clients with "WOW" services because "Quality Matters, So We Clean The Things That Matters Most".

our vision

To be the cleaning service provider that best understands, satisfies, and delivers “WOW” services to our clients.

our core values

**Being Reliable**Embracing Empathy**Providing Assurance**Being Responsive**Making it Happen While Having Fun**


A portion (10%) of annual net profits are donated to Fight 4 Cure Inc. At Fight 4 Cure Inc, Dr. Lisa Wright, with a group of dedicated volunteers, work diligently to “helping one individual at a time….fostering hope for individuals affected by cancer”. The foundation provides small grants to a few select national nonprofits and local nonprofits that provide products and support services to individuals affected by cancer.