A clean building says a lot about your business – it should project the kind of first class image that you deserve. A clean building provides a safe, healthy environment for you, your employees, and your visitors. We professionally complete the following:

Entrance, Lobbies, Common Areas, Stairwells, Hallways and Break rooms

Sweep entrance; Vacuum entryway mats; Wipe and polish all surfaces within hand reach; Empty trash receptacles and replace plastic liners; Clean glass in entrance areas; Clean thresholds; Spot clean handrails, doors, and walls; Dust mop and damp mop hard surface floors; and Damp mop tile.

General Office Areas

Vacuum all carpeted areas; Damp mop and thoroughly clean flooring; Empty trash receptacles and replace plastic liners; Remove all trash to building trash bin; Clean all glass furniture tops; Clean all doors; Wash clean all water fountains and water coolers; Thoroughly dust all furniture, shelves, fixtures, picture frames and all other high or low dusting areas; and Clean all baseboards.


Wash all floors with germicidal disinfectant and remove all spots and stains, including baseboards; Wash and polish all mirrors and light fixtures; Wash and disinfect all toilet seats, both sides; Scour, wash and disinfect all basins, bowls, and urinals; Fill soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers; Empty all trash receptacles and replace plastic liners; Remove fingerprints and spots from walls; and Report all maintenance problems to building manager.