Q. What is your screening process for cleaners?

A.  Potential cleaners are interviewed and afterwards, a thorough background check is done. In addition, cleaners understand that drug testing can be randomly requested at any time. 

Q. Are cleaners given formal training before starting?

A. Yes. Each cleaner is required to read the Company's Policy Manual and Employee Handbook, Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Handbook, and complete/pass an OSHA exam to receive certification. Cleaners are also familiarized with Safety Data Sheets (SDS) in order to understand the hazards as it relates to all substances and mixtures used to clean with. 

Q. How many cleaners do you send to a property?

A. We always try to send at least two cleaners to complete Move In/Out Cleanings, Post Construction, and Event Cleaning. In regards to Office Cleaning, the number of cleaners sent will be determined based on the scopes of work as well as the square footage and frequency of cleanings.

Q. What type of cleaning solutions do the cleaners use?

A. The cleaners will only use professional and environmental friendly cleaning products.

Q. Do cleaners remove trash from property during Move In/Out Cleanings?

A. Cleaners will remove one full bag of trash with every cleaning. For additional bags of trash, there is an additional fee, so please email or call us to obtain details.

Q. Do cleaners clean inside refrigerators, pantries, and cabinets for Move In/Out Cleanings?

A. Yes. However, an additional fee may be applied for heavy cleaning, if applicable. So please email or call us to obtain details.

Q. Can special instructions be left for the cleaners during Move In/Out Cleanings?

A. It is best to provide any special instructions in the initial request for services or call and/or email the office.

Q. Are "Before and After" pictures taken?

A. We reserve the right to take "Before and After" pictures. The images we obtain will ONLY be used for business purposes only (e.g., posting on business pages to grow business).

Q. What preparation requirements are needed for Move In/Out Cleanings?

A. Please ensure utilities (e.g., electricity, operational HVAC, and water) are operational.

Q. What cleaning services are excluded?

A. For health reasons, cleaners will not clean blood, feces, vomit or urine from animals or humans. Also, cleaners will not move heavy furniture (anything over 30 lbs) or clean any areas requiring the use of a ladder over 8 ft.