Commercial Cleaning

Quality Versus Quantity: The Role Each Concept Plays in the Cleaning Industry

Over the last few years or so, increased interest has been gained as it relates to the impact of possibly some cleaner's preference for speed cleaning versus the "slow and steady" mode of cleaning. It's clear that we operate in a society that believes in the "hurry up and get it done" and in "less time and cost" concept, per se. And as a result, such beliefs have possibly led to some cleaning services looking for ways to clean quickly, and easily. So based on the aforementioned, when it comes to quality versus quantity, what should the focus be when rendering cleaning services?

First Impression versus Second Impression: Which is Best When It Comes to Residential and Commercial Cleaning?

Whether it is meeting with a prospective client or promoting efficiency and effectiveness within your cleaning business, the quest to make a good impression is key.  However, the question to be answered is whether the first impression is more important than the second impression or vice versa. One ideology that has recently gained traction is that the second impression counts more, especially since the first impression is based on a mutual greeting; whereas, the second impression provide prospective clients the ability to really assess who you are as a businessperson.