First Impression versus Second Impression: Which is Best When It Comes to Residential and Commercial Cleaning?

Whether it is meeting with a prospective client or promoting efficiency and effectiveness within your cleaning business, the quest to make a good impression is key.  However, the question to be answered is whether the first impression is more important than the second impression or vice versa. One ideology that has recently gained traction is that the second impression counts more, especially since the first impression is based on a mutual greeting; whereas, the second impression provide prospective clients the ability to really assess who you are as a businessperson.  In fact, some people clearly believe in the analogy that "you never get a second chance to make a first impression" or "you never get a second chance to make a good impression!" Well, given today's fast-paced and competitive cleaning industry, it makes perfect sense to not prefer one over the other. Instead, as a businessperson in the cleaning industry, you should always aim to impress whether it is the first or second meeting.

According to a Harvard Business Review article titled A Second Chance to Make The Right Impression, Heidi Grant stated, "we all want to make good impressions that accord with the images we intend to project. Research consistently shows that people are happier and more satisfied and have better relationships and greater feelings of purpose when they believe they come across authentically". She also stated that "you can’t sit back and wait for those around you to accurately size you up. You need to think strategically about encouraging and incentivizing them to see you in the best possible light. If you do, then it is really never too late to make the right impression".

For those of us who want to achieve efficiency and effectiveness in the cleaning industry, making a good impression should always be at the forefront.

So do you think first impression is more important than second impression or vice versa when it comes to cleaning?