Quality Versus Quantity: The Role Each Concept Plays in the Cleaning Industry

Over the last few years or so, increased interest has been gained as it relates to the impact of possibly some cleaner's preference for speed cleaning versus the "slow and steady" mode of cleaning. It's clear that we operate in a society that believes in the "hurry up and get it done" and in "less time and cost" concept, per se. And as a result, such beliefs have possibly led to some cleaning services looking for ways to clean quickly, and easily. So based on the aforementioned, when it comes to quality versus quantity, what should the focus be when rendering cleaning services?

According to a Harvard Business Review article titled The Traits of Leaders Who Do Things Fast and Well, Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman discovered, in an assessment of more than 5,000 leaders across the globe, "a strong tendency for those with a fast pace also have a strong preference toward quantity rather than quality of work". It was also revealed that "some of the leaders were concerned that working faster could create errors or mistakes; thus resulting in their tendency to slow down in order to maintain high quality". In the end, the only conclusion drawn from their research was that "leaders who are both fast and have high quality differ from other leaders . . . . In contrast, leaders who are not fast and do not exhibit high quality are then surprisingly unable to inspire anybody, unable to communicate powerfully, and the like". 

Although the research was obtained from various leaders who were probably working outside the cleaning industry as well as the authors' statements are assertions of causality without any evidence of causality, their assumptions could still possibly have some face value in the cleaning industry. In fact, their assumptions now leads to the question as to how can cleaning services maintain both high quality and clean at a fast pace?

After further research, it is possible to achieve both based on the following: 1) a clear vision and direction has been established, 2) high standards have been set, 3) the mission and vision with the end state in mind has been communicated effectively and efficiently, 4) abreast of changes within the cleaning industry, 5) fully aware of the clients' preferences, 6) inspirational to other cleaners by willingly sharing knowledge and experiences, and 7) innovative in creating ways to effectively and efficiently deliver cleaning services.

As leaders in the cleaning industry, our goal is to strive continuously and consistently to provide cleaning services by combining both speed and quality, and we wholeheartedly believe that it is possible. So how many of you have used any of the seven outlined factors? Also, have any of you used speed cleaning, and how has this new way of cleaning enhanced your company's ability to provide professional, quality cleaning services to your clients?